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Khayali Saharan is a comedian. He has also been the winner of the Great Indian Laughter Show. He has his own YouTube channel. Many people on the internet want to know about his life, so in this article complete information about Khayali Saharan’s life has been given. So let’s know who is Khayali Saharan-

Khayali Saharan Biography

khyali comedian

Who is Khayali Saharan?

khyali sahran is a famous Comedian Actor and Director. He is a resident of village 18 SPD Badopal in Hanumangarh district of Rajasthan. khyali sahran’s family was poor. His father’s name is Daulat Ram sahran. khyali was fond of doing comedy since childhood. When he studied in school, he used to make everyone laugh and used to perform his art in front of friends and teachers. Everyone used to laugh listening to his words. From here khyali decided to become a comedian and made his comedy his career.

Khayali Saharan Personal Bio

NameKhayali Saharan
Birth of DateNot Known
Birth of PlaceSDP Badopal
Current AddressSDP Badopal, Hanumangarh, Rajasthan
AgeNot Known
Mother NameNot Known
Father NameDaulat Ram Saharan
Brother NameNot Known
Sister NameNot Known
Wife NameNot Known
Childern NameManav
GirlfriendNot Known
AwardNot Known

Khayali Saharan Early Life

khyali Saharan was born in SDP Badopal village of Hanumangarh district of Rajasthan. His family was poor and destitute. His father’s name was Daulat Ram sahran. His mother’s name is unknown. He was the youngest in his family. She never thought that she would become the Laughter Champion of Rajasthan. khyali had a passion for comedy since childhood and comedy has brought him fame today.

khyali sahran’s life has been full of struggle. He worked for six years in a JCT cloth mill in Ganganagar. Due to working in this factory, one of his hands got amputated. But khyali sahran was not disappointed and thought of doing comedy. After losing his hand, he did a two-year course in drama. khyali Saharan gave her first audition on January 24, 2006 at Gate Sale. In the very first attempt, he impressed people and he got selected.

Khayali Saharan Biography

Saharan acted in films like Journey…….Bombay to Goa, Marudhar Mharo Ghar, Singh is Kinng, Meri Padosan. The song ‘Bhootnike’ from Singh is King was sung on Khayali Saharan only. khyali Saharan represented Jaipur in state level comedy competitions. Anchored in many TV shows. khyali Saharan participated in The Great Indian Laughter Challenge on Star One channel. He also participated in the show Comedy Circus on Sony channel. She gained fame in these two shows. People were very happy with his talent.

Along with doing comedy, khyali sahran also takes part in social work. Recently, he has donated an amount of about 1.25 crores and 20 bighas of land to his village to open a school for the education of poverty children. khyali sahran never boasted even after getting so much success. He always says that never let your success dominate your mind.

khyali sahran did not get much education, so it became a bit difficult for him to get success. khyali sahran has made a record of doing stand up comedy for 2 consecutive hours. Today Khayali Saharan is called a comedian and celebrity. He has achieved a lot in his life which inspires the youth of today.

Khayali Saharan interview

⇒ khayali Faimly

Khayali Saharan Career

Khayali’s life was full of struggles. His father’s name was Daulat Ram sahran. He was the youngest son of his father. Khayali started doing comedy in his childhood. He was famous for one-liners. He used to do this comedy to entertain the people. Used to make his friends and teachers laugh in school.

He started his career after getting success in Laughter Challenge. At first he thought of coming to Bollywood. Khayali sahran is the winner of the Great Indian Laughter Challenge. He got a lot of fame in this TV show and won the hearts of the people. Khayali was from a simple poor family. He worked in JCT Mills of Sriganganagar district. He used to work as a watchman there. During this work he lost one hand in an accident. At this time, social worker Anil Chaudhary helped him. Anil Chaudhary was a resident of Prempura village. He got khyali’s hand treated.

After losing his hand, khyali sahran left the job of sugar mill and joined the Ramlila party. He worked for this party for a long time. After working in Ramlila Party he thought that maybe he can do something good in acting so he moved to Chandigarh and started learning acting. He represented Jaipur in several state level comedy competitions, anchored in several TV shows. He later appeared in two shows – Star One Channel and Comedy Circus.

Then he participated in a show called ‘Comedy Ka King Kaun’ running on SAB TV. He set the record for stand-up comedy for a full two hours. khyali Saharan recently acted in the film ‘Singh is King’ opposite Akshay Raj. His main role was in the song ‘Bhootni ke’ of this film.

khyali Saharan is a famous actor and celebrity today. He has gained fame with his comedy. Now it is good for khyali Saharan to open a school named after his grandfather Chaudhary Rawat Ram Saharan. He has said to spend Rs 1.5 crore to complete this project.

Their goal is to provide free education to poor and helpless children. They believe that education is important for the development of children. It becomes difficult for the poor to get education so institutions should help the children. Khayali Saharan built the Oasis Navy School for children who want to become military officers. She is an activist of animal rights and welfare movement and the brand ambassador of PFA Haryana OIPA of India.

Khayali Quots

Talents like Sachin Tendulkar and Mahendra Singh Dhoni have created panic in the sports world today, but no one asks how educated they are. If a person wants, he can make his career in any field. Giving the example of himself and Habib Berber of Delhi, he said that it takes a lot of struggle to get up from the ground.

Laughter challenge

Khyali performed a stage show once in Delhi at a theater where Kumar Sanu was scheduled to appear. Khyali began performing comedy when Kumar Sanu became late. In Mumbai, he was called for an audition by the Star one Channel team present there. After khyali moved to Mumbai in 2006, she became popular after participating in a laughter challenge.

khayali comedian Movie

Singh is King2008
Meri Padosan2009
Muskurake Dekh Zara2010
Bhavnao Ko Samjho2010
Mukhtiar Chadha2015
Jatt Vs Ielts2018

khayali comedian Social Platform

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1. Who is Khayali Saharan?

Answer- Khayali Saharan is a famous comedian, Actor and Director.

2. What is the name of Khayali Saharan’s father?

Answer- Daulat Ram Saharan

3. Where does Khayali Saharan live?

Answer- SDP Badopal, Hanumangarh, Rajasthan

4. How many children does Khayali Saharan have?

Answer – 2 (Not known)

Khayali Saharan FAQ

1. Who is Khayali Saharan?

khyali sahran is a renowned Indian comedian, actor, and singer. He is best known for his comedic performances in various television shows and movies. With his unique style and comic timing, khyali sahran has gained a significant fan following in India.

2. What are Khayali Saharan’s notable works?

khyali sahran has appeared in several popular television shows, including “The Great Indian Laughter Challenge,” “Comedy Circus,” and “Comedy Nights with Kapil.” He has also acted in movies such as “Singh Is Kinng” and “Patiala Dreamz.” In addition to his acting career, khyali sahran has released comedy albums and performed live comedy shows.

3. How did Khayali Saharan start his career?

khyali sahran’s journey in the entertainment industry began with his participation in the comedy reality show, “The Great Indian Laughter Challenge.” His exceptional comic timing and ability to connect with the audience earned him recognition and opportunities to work in various television shows and movies. khyali sahran’s talent and hard work have helped him establish himself as a prominent comedian in the industry.

4. What makes Khayali Saharan unique as a comedian?

khyali sahran’s comedy style is characterized by his witty one-liners, observational humor, and ability to mimic different accents and voices. His performances often reflect social issues, cultural nuances, and everyday situations in a hilarious manner. khyali sahran’s ability to entertain people across different age groups and his natural talent for comedy have contributed to his success and popularity.

5. Has Khayali Saharan received any awards or recognition?

Yes, khyali sahran has been honored with several awards for his contributions to the entertainment industry. He has received the Indian Television Academy Award for Best Actor in a Comic Role and the Indian Telly Award for Best Stand-up Comedian. These accolades are a testament to his talent and the impact he has made in the comedy genre.

6. How can I watch Khayali Saharan’s performances?

khyali sahran’s performances can be enjoyed on various platforms. His comedy shows and appearances are often available on television channels and streaming platforms. Additionally, he frequently performs live at comedy events and shows, providing an opportunity for fans to experience his humor firsthand.

7. Is Khayali Saharan active on social media?

Yes, khyali sahran is active on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. He regularly updates his followers with behind-the-scenes glimpses, upcoming projects, and funny anecdotes. Following him on social media is a great way to stay connected and entertained by his comedic content.

8. What are Khayali Saharan’s future projects?

khyali sahran continues to explore different avenues in the entertainment industry. He is actively involved in comedy shows, movies, and live performances. Fans can look forward to seeing more of his hilarious acts and enjoying his unique brand of comedy in the future.

9. Can I book Khayali Saharan for a live performance or event?

Yes, khyali sahran is available for bookings and live performances. His talent and experience make him a popular choice for comedy events, corporate shows, and private functions. For booking inquiries, you can reach out to his management team or contact him through his official website or social media handles.

10. Where can I find more information about Khayali Saharan?

For more information about khyali sahran, you can visit his official website or follow him on social media platforms. His website provides updates on his upcoming projects, tour dates, and contact details. Additionally, you can find interviews, articles, and videos featuring khyali sahran’s work on various entertainment websites and media outlets.


khyali sahran did not lose courage even after his hand was cut off. Today he is known as the best comedian and celebrity due to his hard work and dedication. He has been the winner of the Great Indian Laughter Show. He has announced to open a school to help the poor children.

By reading this article, you must have come to know about khyali sahran, if you have any doubt related to this article, then you can ask in the comment, your doubt will be cleared.

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