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In today’s article, we will read information related to Veer Mahaan wrestler Player related to his career. Biography, Age, Height, Wiki, Net Worth.

Veer Mahaan Biography in English

Veer Mahan

Hello friends, in today’s article we will talk about the famous veer mahan. As we all know, Veer Mahan is constantly going viral on social media these days. he is no less than a celebrity.

Today there is a huge number of viewers watching WWE in India. Its popularity is worldwide. Even if you have not seen WWE, you must have heard its name. Also, you must have heard the names of the wrestlers playing in it. In the first wrestling, the place of Khali was prominent. Now today he has got the name of a very big personality whose name is Veer Mahan.

His real name is Rinku Singh. Everyone wants to know their lifestyle. Therefore, in today’s article, we have bring you all the information related to them.

Personal Status

NameRinku singh Rajput
Famous NameVeer Mahan
Date of Birth8 august 1988
Age35 Years old
Birth placeGopiganj, Uttar Pradesh, India
Zodiac SignLeo
Active RolesSingles Wrestler
Current AddressOrlando, Florida, USA
DebutMay 31, 2018

Family Profile

Father’s NameNot know
Mother’s NameNot know
Merital StatusUnmarried
GirlfriendNot know

Eductional Status

School NameNot Know
College NameGuru Gobind Singh Sports College

Physical Status

Weight125 Kg
HeightIn Feet – 6’4″ , In centimetres – 193cm
Hair ColourBlack
Eye ColourBlack
Hair LengthLong

Veer Mahan Net Worth

Net Worth2 million dollars

Veer Mahan Hobbies

HobbiesTraveling, wrestling, reading books, and playing baseball
Favorite ColorWhite
Favorite Gamebaseball
Favorite MoviesNot Know
Favorite DestinationNot Know
Favorite FoodNot Know
Favorite Actor & ActressNot Know

Veer Mahan Social Media Links

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Who is Veer Mahan?

Veer Mahaan

Veer Mahan’s real name is Rinku Singh Rajput. He is an Indian professional wrestler and former professional baseball player. After his entry in WWE, it got the nickname Veer Mahan.

How Veer Mahan got the Name?

After reaching WWE, WWE did research about Rinku Singh and they came to know that Rinku Singh is from Rajput family. WWE told Rinku Singh that you are from the war family. On this Rinku read about Maharana Pratap. Due to Rinku Singh’s dangerous look and anger, the company thought that he should be named something danger. Then the boss of the company named him Veer Mahan. Rinku was very happy with this name and said that he would take this name far and wide.

Veer Mahan Journey

Veer Mahan’s profession was javelin, he has also been a javelin champion in his childhood. Veer Mahan wanted to join the army because his 2 elder brothers are in the army, that is why his dream was to join the army.

wwe veer mahaan

Due to his age, he was not selected. Due to the arrival of ‘Million dollar arm competition’ due to this round, his attitude turned towards him. He wanted to participate in this competition but due to lack of help from the family, he left the house without informing.

Veer Mahaan say’s

Our commitments each day should always involve making other lives easier & happier whether it involves a little or a large effort.

After winning the competition and reaching the college academy, he remained hungry for 2 days. That’s how you started your journey ahead and reached America. Rinku’s goal is to move from India to America and debut his movie “Million Dollar Arm” in Hindi.

Veer Mahan Early Life

Veer Mahan Early Life

Veer Mahan was born on 8 August 1988 in Gopiganj, Uttar Pradesh, India. He belongs to a poor family. His family has always spotted him. After completing his education, he focused on his sports skills. He always wanted to become a wrestler and through his hard work, he fulfilled his wish. Today he is well known by a title.

Veer Mahan gained his fame from the movie Million Dollar Arm, which is based on his life. As a result, WWE contacted him and signed him in 2018. After debuting in NXT alongside Saurav Gurjar in 2020, he made his Raw debut in 2022. WWE has made him a mainstream character now, and he is here to stay.

After playing many seasons in the minors, he reached Single-A, becoming the first Indian to play professional baseball. As a result of Veer WWE’s play on July 4, 2009, he became the first Indian citizen to play in a professional baseball game in the United States. The Gulf Coast League Pirates hired him in 2016 and he pitched one scoreless inning.

As of January 14, 2018, Veer has signed a contract with WWE. In the 25 March 2020 edition of NXT, Veer Mahan, Saurav Gurjar, and manager Malcolm Bivens assaulted NXT Tag Team Champion Matt Riddle. Rey Mysterio and Dominik Mysterio were assaulted by him on Raw on April 4, 2022.

Veer Mahan Family

Veer Mahan grew up in a poor family. He is the son of a truck driver. There are 9 people in his family. All of them lived in a single room house. Veer Mahan’s family is not yet known. He has not revealed about his family in any of his events. The name of his mother and father is also not known.

Veer Mahan personal Affairs

No information has been received regarding Veer Mahan’s relationship. He is still unmarried and his girlfriend is not known.

Veer mahan Net worth

Net worth of Veer mahan is around 2 millon dollar.

Veer Mahan Social Profile

Veer mahan has a Twitter account by the name of @veermahaan which currently has 33k followers. His Instagram account is by the name of veermahaan which has 185k followers.

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InstagramClick Here

Veer Mahan Basball career

Rinku Singh (Veer Mahan) participated in a reality show. In which it won the “talent hunt show” due to his high speed. Veer Mahan defeated around 37000 players in this show and threw the ball on the right target and got great success. After this he went with Dinesh Patel and became a big baseball player, due to which a movie was made on both of them “Million dollar arm (2014)”

Having grown up in a small village and having limited opportunities to pursue his athletic dreams, Rajput was born on August 8, 1988, in Gopiganj, India. Although he lacked physical strength, he possessed exceptional athletic talent. A reality show in India searched for cricket players who could transition to baseball in 2008, and his life took an extraordinary turn.

As a result of this victory, he became the first Indian to play for an American major league baseball team. During Rinku’s training with Tom House, he learned English as well as Dinesh Patel. In 2009, he signed his first Major League Baseball contract with the Pittsburgh Pirates. “Million Dollar Arm” immortalized Rinku’s journey.

Veer Mahaan wrestling career

Veer Mahan wrestling career

Veer Mahan’s journey of wrestling is very interesting. He has taken the opposition wrestler to the hospital many times. Veer mahan has become the brand of Raw. Now he has started being called India’s big wrestler Superstar. The WWE universe had a lot of hope and confidence from Veer Mahan that he would become India’s best champion after the world champion “the great Khali”. Veer mahan is working very hard to fulfill his dream.

Veer mahan defeated his opposition player in 110 seconds in the match of wrestling. After this victory, he became the best player and superstar. Veer Mahan had signed to WWE in 2014 and since then his name has started bearing the name WWE. Veer Mahan made his ring debut on May 31, 2018 at an NXT Live event.

This live event took place in Tampa. In this NXT event, a wrestler named Cassius Ohno was defeated. It followed with Sourav Gurjar and manager Malcolm Bivens in NXT in 2020. Its team name was “Sindhu Sher”. Together with them, he made his television debut. “Sindhu Sher” defeated the team of Mike Reid and Mickey Delbrey in June 2020. Following “Veer Is Coming to Raw”, he appeared on an episode of Raw on April 4, 2022. The episode featured him defeating Rey Mysterio and Dominic Mysterio.

Veer Mahan career

Veer Mahan belongs to a poor family. He was very interested in sports since childhood. When he was young, he used to throw javelin. He was also very interested in cricket. Then he turned his inclination towards baseball. He practiced baseball under the direction of his coach, Tom House. Veer Mahan used to reach 92 mph. Veer Mahan was signed by the Pittsburgh Pirates organization after winning the 2008 reality television show “Pitching in the Million Dollar Arm” contest. Veer Mahan is the subject of the movie Million Dollar Arm. Then he entered WWE, where he performs on the Raw brand under the ring name Veer Mahan.  Now he is a wrestler. And seeing his enthusiasm, he got the nickname of Veer Mahan.

Veer Mahaan WWE Records

Currently, Veer Mahan hasn’t played any PPV (Pay Per View) matches with WWE. His overall win percentage in WWE (excluding NXT) is 54%, while his win percentage in WWE (excluding NXT) is 80%.

PromotionWin %Loss %
NXT25 (37.88%)37 (67.27%)
WWE50 (83.33%)10 (17.54%)
TOTAL75 (59.54%)47 (41.96%)
TypeWin %Loss %
PPV0 (0.00%)0 (0.00%)
Non-PPV65 (58.04%)47 (41.96%)

About the greatest Veer Mahan

He faced many difficulties in becoming Veer Mahan from rinku singh. Rinku Singh applies ‘Tripund’ on his forehead. Rinku has got a tattoo of ‘Maa’ on her chest in small letters. This shows that he loves his mother very much. Rinku has written “Ram” on his arm. This shows that he is religious. Veer Mahan has become the headline of WWE these days. Veer Mahan has made a big name in the world of wrestling. Veer Mahan has become popular due to its fighting style and dangerous look and is trending quite a lot. He has created a ruckus in WWE, Raw, NXT.

Is Rinku Singh a Vegetarian?

As of now, Veer mahaan is a vegetarian. Now he eats Indian food and pure vegetarianism. Milk, curd, ghee, butter, etc., are consumed by them. In addition to feeling more energetic, they say they will continue to do so in the future as well after adopting vegetarianisonce told a reporter that whatever he does, he does it for his fans, for his country, and for his family and his family.


In today’s article, we learned many things related to the life of the Veer Mahaan. About how his journey till wrestling went. He has achieved this position today by working hard. His parents cooperated him, due to which he has earned a lot of name today. He has got his ‘Maa’ name tattooed on his chest. Today Veer Mahan has become a great example. This star shining from a poor family is illuminating India today. He is also an idol for the poor that if the spirits are high, then all the platforms fall short.

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Veer Mahaan Wrestler FAQ

1. Who is Veer Mahaan?

Veer Mahaan is a renowned wrestler hailing from India. He is known for his exceptional skills, immense strength, and dedication to the sport. Veer Mahaan has become a household name in the wrestling community due to his numerous achievements and contributions to the sport.

Indian wrestling sensation Veer Mahaan is the second most admired wrestler in the country after “Great Khali”. The real name of this individual is Rinku Singh Rajput. He was born on August 8, 1988 in Gopiganj town in Uttar Pradesh, India. It is truly inspirational to see Veer Mahaan’s journey from a professional baseball player to a WWE wrestler. Since 13th January 2018, he has been in the wrestling profession and entered “WWE NXT” on 31st May 2018.

2. What are Veer Mahaan’s notable achievements?

Veer Mahaan has an impressive track record, with several notable achievements to his name. He has won numerous national and international wrestling championships, showcasing his dominance in the sport. Some of his most noteworthy accomplishments include:

  • Multiple gold medals in the Commonwealth Games.
  • Winner of the prestigious Asian Games wrestling competition.
  • Champion in various World Wrestling Championships.
  • Recognized as one of the top wrestlers in the professional wrestling circuit.

3. How did Veer Mahaan get into wrestling?

Veer Mahaan’s journey into wrestling began at a young age. He discovered his passion for the sport during his school days and started training rigorously to develop his skills. With the guidance of experienced coaches and his unwavering determination, Veer Mahaan quickly progressed in the wrestling world and established himself as a force to be reckoned with.

4. What is Veer Mahaan’s training routine?

Veer Mahaan follows a rigorous training routine to maintain his peak physical condition and enhance his wrestling skills. His training includes a combination of strength training, endurance exercises, technical drills, and regular practice sessions with sparring partners. Veer Mahaan also focuses on maintaining a balanced diet and leading a disciplined lifestyle to support his training efforts.

5. How does Veer Mahaan contribute to the wrestling community?

Apart from his individual achievements, Veer Mahaan is actively involved in promoting the sport of wrestling and nurturing young talents. He conducts training camps, workshops, and mentorship programs to share his knowledge and experience with aspiring wrestlers. Veer Mahaan also participates in various charitable initiatives to support the wrestling community and give back to society.

6. What is Veer Mahaan’s future goals?

Veer Mahaan continues to strive for excellence in wrestling and has set ambitious goals for his future. He aims to represent his country at the Olympics and win a gold medal for India. Veer Mahaan is also determined to inspire and motivate the next generation of wrestlers, leaving a lasting legacy in the sport.

7. How can fans connect with Veer Mahaan?

Fans can follow Veer Mahaan on social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to stay updated with his latest news, achievements, and training insights. Veer Mahaan actively engages with his fans and appreciates their support throughout his wrestling journey.

In conclusion, Veer Mahaan is a highly accomplished wrestler who has made a significant impact in the world of wrestling. His dedication, skills, and passion for the sport have earned him numerous accolades and a prominent place in the wrestling community. Veer Mahaan’s journey inspires aspiring wrestlers and showcases the power of perseverance and determination.

Veer Mahaan Important FAQ

Q. What is the Real name of Veer Mahan ?

➡️  Rinku Singh Rajput

Q. Where was Veer Mahan born ?

➡️  Gopiganj, Uttar Pradesh, India

Q. Where is Veer Mahan currently residing ?

➡️  Orlando, Florida, USA

Q. What do Veer Mahan do ?

➡️  wrestling

Q. What did Veer do before doing great wrestling ?

➡️  used to play baseball.

Q. Which reality show did Veer Mahan participate in ?

➡️  Pitching in the Million Dollar Arm.

Q. What is the net worth of Veer Mahan ?

➡️  2 million dollars

Q. Who was the coach of Veer Mahan ?

➡️  Tom House

Q. Who is veer mahan’s wife ?

➡️  Unmarried

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