Anchoring Script For School and College Function

Read : Anchoring Script, There are many people who do not know what to say in college function or any function of school. We don’t know about his script what it is. You don’t need to worry about that. You can easily understand all its rules.

Anchoring Script For School and College Function

Anchoring Script

Hello friends, we will give you information about ‘Anchoring Script’. Any educational institution like college and school or university have one day function in whole year, which is called annual function. All the school/college principals, teachers and students together celebrate this function. In this function, prizes are given and achievements of the whole year are celebrated. The pride of the program comes from the anchoring.

The anchor itself organizes the entire program. In today’s article, we will tell you about the Anchoring Script for the annual day celebration of school or college. Read on to know about today’s exciting article.

Anchoring Script in English

Anchoring Script For School and College Function

In this article, you have been told about all the activities happening in the program. Steps are given to you in each topic. You can do anchoring by following these steps.

Starting lines for Anchoring Script

First of all, welcome everyone.

  • Step-1 As such an anchor, first say good morning / good afternoon / good evening to all of you. This will get everyone’s attention towards you and everyone will want to hear from you.
  • Step-2 After the address, introduce yourself. Like my name is (your name) and I am a student of class (your class).
  • Step-3 After introducing yourself, tell everyone about the program and say that the moment we were eagerly waiting for has arrived. We will celebrate by gathering at this place today.
  • Step-4 Ask all the guests to sit- “All the guests take their seats.
  • Step-5 Address all the guests and the Principal – “Honourable Ram Gopal Sharma, Respected Principal, All Staff Teacher and Students. Thank you all for participating in this program. You have made our program proud. Today we are going to celebrate the annual function of the school or college.

Worship Ceremony

  • Step-1 Now you address the principal sir and the chief guest for the puja- “Now I request the principal sir and Ram Gopal Sharma to come on the stage to light the lamp. After lighting the lamp, worship is to be done.
  • Step-2 All the students should pray to Maa Saraswati for the attainment of knowledge and wish for guidance to always keep walking on the good path.

Welcome Song

Welcome Song for anchoring

  • Step-1 Address the girls on the stage to sing the welcome song – “The girls who are going to sing the welcome song, please come on the stage. (Call them by the names of the girls singing the song.)
  • Step-2 Applause to the girls who have sung a very beautiful welcome song. (To be special, you can say in between that there should be no shortage of applause.)
  • Step-3 I request Sahil sir to welcome the principal sir.
  • Step-4 I request the principal sir to get Ram Gopal Sharma ji to take the seat of the chief guest and welcome him.

Chief guest Message

  • Step-1 Today, our happiness has been increased by Ram Gopal Sharma. This is the presence between us, it is a matter of good fortune. Ram Gopal Sharma is on the post of RAS today.
  • Step-2 I urge Ram Gopal Sharma to guide the students and show them a good way.
  • Step-3 will give the chief guest speech.
  • Step-4 Thank you sir, you have inspired us to move forward and encouraged us. Play loud applause for Ram Gopal Sharma ji.

Principal Message

  • Step-1 Thanks to Principal Sir. Principal sir gave us permission to do this program. He managed this program and guided us. Now I request the principal sir to come on stage and guide the students.
  • Step-2 The principal will deliver the speech.
  • Step-3 Many thanks to the principal sir, he has given the right direction to the students with his good thoughts. Clap loudly for Principal Sir.

Competition Program

  • Step-1 The moment you were eagerly waiting for, that moment has arrived. Now Manmohan competitions and performances will be given in front of you. First we start the concert.

Singing Competition

  • Step-1 First Riya will give her performance in front of us. Riya will sing the song ‘Taare’ in her sweet voice. (Riya sings the song.)
  • Step-2 play all vigorous clapping for Riya’s magnificent performance. It seems that everyone has liked Riya’s performance.
  • Step-3 Now Raj has come in front of you with his bang song. Raj is going to sing the song ‘Badi Sohni Lagdi’. Raj has a two -year record behind that he has always won. (Raj song will sing)
  • Step-4 Play all the vigorous clapping for this magnificent performance of Raj. Raj has given very good performance in this time like every time.
  • Step-5 will now sing Anjali in front of you. It is a wrappers. Raping it comes very well. Anjali has also won many awards with this art. (Anjali will sing)
  • Step-6 Anjali has given very beautiful performance. Actually it is worth the award. Play loud applause for Anjali. Do not skimp in applause, encourage students.
  • Step-7 sit down with the heart, because now the result of this competition is coming. The chief guest, principal sir and other teachers should vote together. So that the winner can be declared. (The result has been made.)
  • Step-8 result has arrived. Riya is the winner of this competition. He has won everyone’s heart with his song ‘Taare’. Strong applause should be played for Riya.

Singing Competition

The music competition is over. Now there is going to be a dance competition. I know how long have you been waiting to see the dance.

  • Step-1 First of all, Priya will give her performance in front of us. Riya will dance to the song ‘Jalwa hi Jalwa’. (Priya dances.)
  • Step-2 Clap everyone loudly for this scintillating dance performance of Priya. Priya’s dress is very beautiful.
  • Step-3 Now Deepak has come in front of you with his dazzling dance. Deepak is about to dance to the song ‘3 Peg’. Deepak specializes in dancing on Punjabi songs. Let’s see how it performs today. (Deepak will dance)
  • Step-4 Clap everyone vigorously for this scintillating dance performance by Deepak. Like every time, Deepak has given a very good performance this time.
  • Step-5 Now Jaanvi will sing the song in front of you. It will dance to a Haryanvi song. Everyone’s feet start dancing on their own as soon as they hear the Haryanvi song, so enjoy this dance. (Jaanvi will dance)
  • Step-6 Janvi has given a very beautiful dance performance. Don’t skimp on the applause, encourage the students. Huge applause for Jaanvi.
  • Step-7 Sit down with your heart, because now the result of this dance competition is about to come. The chief guest, principal sir and other teachers should vote together. in order to declare the winner. (The result is out.)
  • Step-8 result is out. The winner of this dance competition is Jaanvi. He has won everyone’s heart with his dance. There should be a loud applause for Jaanvi.

Drama Performance

  • Step 1 There is no fun in a program without drama. Therefore, the students have also prepared plays for entertainment. There will be no competition in this.
  • Step-2 First of all drama will be shown in front of you by Rahul’s team. The theme of his play is ‘Sagarmal Gopa’. Rahul’s team has worked very hard for this play. Let’s see what happens in this drama. (Rahul’s team will play)
  • Step-3 Rahul’s team has presented a very beautiful play. In fact, Sagarmal Gopa has done a lot for our country. The passion of patriotism is in everyone’s blood. Huge applause for Rahul’s team.
  • Step-4 Now Ravi’s team will present the play in front of us. The theme of his play is ‘Jis din Meri Pitai Hui’. If the topic is so funny, then the drama will be so much fun. Let’s see (Ravi’s team will play)
  • Step-5 The eyes of everyone of the People become water. Wow! What is Ravi? Loud applause for Ravi’s team.
  • Step-6 Now the play will be presented by Neha’s team. The theme of his play is ‘Beti Bachao’. This play is inspirational so watch it carefully. (Neha’s team will play)
  • Step-7 Clap loudly for Neha’s team. Really today there is a need to save the daughter. Respect the daughter and encourage her to move forward.
    The series of plays ends here.

Fancy Dress Competition

  • Step-1 Small children are the pride of our country. The performance of small children is the most beautiful and adorable. So now let us get a fancy dress competition for small children.
  • Step-2 All the children will come in pairs of two and will show their dress. First of all I call Khushi and Mehak on stage (Khushi and Mehak will show their dress)
  • Step-3 Applause for the little ones. The dress of both of them was no less than fairies.
  • Step-4 Now I call Raghav and Babu on stage (Raghav and Babu will show their dress)
  • Step-5 Clap loudly for Raghav and Babu. Raghav’s dress is exactly like Nehru ji.
  • Step-6 Now waiting for the result. The chief guest, principal sir and other teachers vote and declare the winner. (result out)
  • Step-7 result is out. Today’s winner is Raghav. Clap loudly for Raghav. All the children have given a good performance.

Prize Distribution

  • Step-1 All programs are completed. Now I request the principal sir to come on stage and honor the chief guest Ram Gopal Sharma by giving him a prize.
  • Step-2 I request the management of the school to honor the principal sir with an award. Now all the teachers of the school should come on stage. Principal sir give award to all the teachers.
  • Step-3 Now I request the principal to give prizes to the winning children. All the winning students are requested to come on stage.
  • Step-4 The students who have given performance should also come on stage and receive their prize.

Last Word

  • I express my sincere gratitude to the chief guest Ram Gopal Sharma. He has increased the pride of this program by coming here. I want to thank the principal sir because he has organized such a beautiful program by guiding us.
  • I want to thank all the students. All the students participated enthusiastically in this program and the program was completed beautifully.
  • I also want to thank all the parents. They took out their time and gave us time.
  • I hope you liked this program very much. That’s how we will keep you entertained. good night.

Anchoring Script – FAQ

1. How to start the program?

Ans – First of all, address the chief guest, principal, teachers and students by saying good morning / good afternoon / good evening. Then introduce yourself.

2. How to terminate the program?

Ans – End the program with few lines. Thank you all

3. How to do Effective Anchoring?

Ans – If you are doing Anchoring then you should prepare its complete structure. So that everyone will like your style. If you go to the stage without planning then there is a possibility of making a mistake.

4. What is an anchoring script?

Ans – An anchoring script is a written guide that helps anchors or emcees to smoothly conduct an event or program. It includes the sequence of activities, important announcements, introductions, and other relevant information.

5. What is the purpose of an anchoring script?

Ans – The purpose of an anchoring script is to ensure that an event or program runs smoothly and efficiently. It helps anchors to maintain a structured flow, engage the audience, and provide necessary information.

6. What should be included in an anchoring script?

Ans – An anchoring script should include an introduction of the event or program, welcoming the audience, introducing the speakers or performers, providing necessary information, making announcements, and concluding the event.

7. How should the introduction be done in an anchoring script?

Ans –The introduction in an anchoring script should be captivating and engaging. It should provide a brief overview of the event or program, mention the purpose or theme, and create excitement among the audience.

8. How can an anchoring script be made interesting?

Ans – To make an anchoring script interesting, anchors can incorporate humor, storytelling, or interactive elements. They can also engage the audience through questions, quizzes, or audience participation activities.

9.  What are the key qualities of a good anchoring script?

Ans – A good anchoring script should be well-structured, concise, clear, and engaging. It should provide all the necessary information without being overwhelming. It should also reflect the tone and theme of the event or program.

10.  How can an anchoring script be rehearsed effectively?

Ans –To rehearse an anchoring script effectively, anchors can practice reading it aloud multiple times. They can also rehearse with a partner or in front of a mirror to improve their delivery, body language, and timing.

11.  How can an anchoring script be customized for different events?

Ans – An anchoring script can be customized for different events by incorporating specific details such as the event theme, guest names, or specific activities unique to that event. This personalization helps to create a tailored and engaging experience for the audience.

12.  Can an anchoring script be improvised?

Ans – While an anchoring script provides a guide, anchors can still add their own personal touch and improvise when necessary. They can respond to the audience’s reactions, make spontaneous announcements, or create a more interactive environment.

13.  How important is the role of an anchor in an event?

Ans – The role of an anchor is crucial in an event as they act as the face of the event or program. They are responsible for setting the tone, engaging the audience, and ensuring a smooth flow throughout the event. Their presence and communication skills greatly impact the overall success of the event.

14.  How can an anchor overcome stage fright?

Ans – To overcome stage fright, an anchor can practice deep breathing exercises, visualize a successful performance, and focus on positive affirmations. They can also start with smaller events or practice in front of a supportive audience to build confidence.

15.  What are some common mistakes to avoid in an anchoring script?

Ans – Some common mistakes to avoid in an anchoring script include reading too fast or too slow, using excessive jargon or technical terms, not engaging the audience, and not being well-prepared. Anchors should also avoid making offensive or inappropriate comments.

16.  How can an anchoring script be adapted for virtual events?

Ans – For virtual events, an anchoring script can be adapted by providing clear instructions on how to navigate the virtual platform, using visual aids or slides, and incorporating interactive elements such as polls or Q&A sessions. The script should also address any technical issues that may arise.

17.  Where can one find examples of anchoring scripts?

Ans – Examples of anchoring scripts can be found online, on websites, or in books related to event management or public speaking. It is advisable to customize the script according to the specific event and audience.

18.  How can an anchor handle unexpected situations during an event?

Ans – An anchor can handle unexpected situations during an event by maintaining composure, being flexible, and thinking on their feet. They can calmly address the situation, communicate any changes or updates to the audience, and seek assistance from event organizers if needed.


The manner of speaking of a good anchor should be effective so that the listener becomes attractive to the anchor. If you want to do anchoring then go to the stage with complete planning. Memorize a few lines that you can say on special occasions. If you go to the stage without planning then there is a possibility of making a mistake.
The anchor should be confident that he will not panic and can perform well. With confidence anything can be achieved.

By reading this article, you must have come to know that how an anchor will start the program and address. The start should be effective. You should work with energy even while finalizing the program. If you have any doubt regarding this article, then you can ask by commenting, your doubt will be cleared.

If you liked this article, then share it with your friends so that they can also perform well by adopting this method.

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