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Friends, in today’s article, we will learn about the best Speech on Independence Day. Independence Day Speech is very useful for school Programmes or annual functions. How can a principal, teachers, and students speak a good speech on Independence Day In today’s article, we will discuss the following points :

  • Speech on Independence Day as a Principals
  • Speech on Independence Day as a teachers
  • Speech on Independence Day as a students

Independence Day Speech

Independence Day Speech

Independence Day Summary :

Who does not love freedom? Animals, birds, and humans all love freedom. The parrot is not happy even in the sleeping cage, it flies as soon as it gets a chance. Humans also do not love subjugation. He likes the sufferings of freedom rather than the pleasures of independence. August 15 is our national festival. On this day, we should be vigilant about protecting our freedom. There are still many threats to the security of the country. Therefore, we have to unite and fight against these dangers and make independent India a beautiful India. As India’s national festival, Independence Day is celebrated every year. 15th August 1947 marked the day that we gained independence from the British Empire. India also celebrates this occasion as the day when its freedom comes after many hardships and sacrifices of the brave Indian freedom fighters. The 15th of August became very significant in Indian history and in every Indian’s heart from that day onwards. Moreover, this day is a day of full patriotism for the entire nation.

Long And Short Speeches on Independence Day for Kids And Students

Independence Day Speech in English

Independence Day Speech for Principal

Long Independence Day Speech 500 Words In English

Dear Student, Young colleagues, I am addressing the proud forum today with great pride that we are free citizens of independent India. Today is the day we celebrate 15 August as Independence Day. On this day, after 200 years of slavery, we got freedom. On 15 August 1947, Jawaharlal Nehru was the first Prime Minister of our country who hoisted the tricolour flag at the Red Fort.

“Taj is the Himalayas. Flows where there is a stream of Ganges. Where there is unity in diversity. Satyameva is the slogan of Jayate Jahan. Where religion is brotherhood. That country of India is ours. “

My grateful youth, freedom is the greatest happiness. In the shackles of democracy, we do not see our development reach the floor of the all-round stairs. Because the shackles of subordination grip us. We cannot get our rights without rights. We cannot discharge our duties in a good way. Therefore, these lines written by Tulsidas prove to be very meaningful. “Subdued dreamshu sukh nahi” Maharishi Dayanand Saraswati has also said a similar statement “No matter how good foreign rule may be, it cannot be beneficial to the message.” I want to tell my young conscious friends that we have got this freedom after many sacrifices, not knowing how many heroes sacrificed their lives to take a deep breath in this free air. The stories of the brave martyrs whose stories have been contained in the pages of history. For those heroes, history bears witness. But innumerable such heroes also lost their everything in the glory of the martyr and dedicated themselves to Mother India, which we read in the pages of history. That is to say, after knowing how many lives we have missed, we have got the chance to live with freedom in independent India. Freedom is my birthright. How good, how frantic, and how enjoyable it is. Freedom is so dear to every living being, whether it is a human being or a brute. Today is the national festival of India. The day of 15 August 1947 was written in the history of India with golden letters. Our Independence Day is celebrated with great enthusiasm throughout the year of India. It is a festival of good fortune and pride in India. This festival brings new enthusiasm, new hope, enthusiasm, and patriotism to the heart of all of us. We should not forget that we have to keep the significance of this day sacred. Dear youth, You have the future of this country on your shoulders. We have to contribute 100 percent in the overthrow of social evils in society. Because we have got freedom from the slavery of the British, but remember if we indulge in these evils, So we will never get freedom from our own slavery. We have to protect our country as well as ours. “This is our crown This is our pride.” Finally, I will pause with these words: – “To keep this moment of frenzy and prosperity bright for centuries. It is the duty of all of us to make a great contribution to the country with this promise.” We will carry out our duties at all times, in all places. So remember once: – “Will salute this flag Which is our pride. Head will always keep it high. As long as there is life in the body. As long as there is life in the body. “ “Jai Hind Jai Bharat” speech on independance day

Independence Day Speech for Teachers

Hello good morning student I am a resident of a country where there were kings like Chhatrapati Shivaji and Emperor Ashoka. Walking a few distances here, the form, color, speech, and religion change. I am a citizen of that country where a golden bird was found on every branch. I am a citizen of a country that in its geography first understood the geography of the universe. Friends, today the opportunity to have independent reputation in independent India with great pride has been received today. It is our true patriotism that we came to work for this country in the shelter of this country. The flame of this freedom was ignited only in 1857 when preparations for this historic day had started all over India. At that time, even small children were not afraid to contribute to freedom. “Colour my clothes saffron “ Just as this tone resonated in the ears, the slogans of Tolko started raising the slogans of Inquilab Zindabad. “Vande Mataram, Bharat Mata ki Jai” The atmosphere was patriotic due to these powerful slogans. At that time, the blood running in the hearts of these Indians used to shake the roots of the British. The storm in which youth from 10 years to 30 years did not shy away from sacrificing their lives. Friends, do you know where such passion came from, it was a period of slavery going on in that era. In this, every person was forced that now we have to be free. There is a round of young comrades, who want change after some time. Which started in 1857 and wanted revenge. Independence Day Speech for Teachers As such this statement is :

“Love is too much The vermilion is gone The nappies of the little naval went away Little daughters got peaks Father earned Brother went to study There was such an explosion Full body rash flew A man is dead for you sir But for me the whole world has gone. “

Friends, even after so much, their mothers sent their sons on martyrdom. The women sacrificed their sought vermilion for independence. Friends, imagine that by taking a single tricolor of the temple of that time, today we believe that we are devotees of the country but this is a big mistake of ours. If we were considered a patriot by hoisting the tricolor, the tricolor seller would probably be at the forefront of patriotism.

“Neither know the temple nor know the mosque Those who are stomach-hungry only know the tastes of food. “

Friends, in this era, we only pretend to be patriotic. There is a lack of dedication for our family society and country. Patriotism is the storm in the life of patriotism and traitor Today patriotism hurts when a son leaves his mother in helplessness. A wife accuses her husband of false accusations, and a husband raises his hands on his wife. Today people are more confident in taking selfies except those trapped in trouble. This country had expectations from young men living friends, the same young man sends emojis on his mobile screen with the soft friction of the fingers. In the end, I would like to say that wake-up and truly recognize and prove your patriotism. “Jai Hind Jai Bharat”

Independence Day Speech for Kids or Students under 500 Words

Respected chief guest, Respected Headmaster, All the teachers, And all my friends, It is a matter of great fortune that today we have gathered to celebrate the 15th of August. This is the national festival of India on this land of India. All of us have had the privilege of celebrating it. A golden opportunity has been received to take the air in the freedom of the rights. Friends life is all live. We used to take breath even when we were living as slaves. But the only difference between freedom and slavery is that Slavery is bound in bondage and freedom is an opportunity to fly. Being in captivity means that subjection to someone. we all lived under slavery for 200 years when neither we had any rights nor dreams. You must have heard my conscious friends: –

“Bound does not give us a chance to fulfill our dream, Then it seems meaningless to think of others’ development. “

So we were liberated from these fetters, we saw our free sun… we saw the moonlight….. See the flowers blossoming…. Friends, freedom can be understood by the same person who found himself imprisoned in the chains of slavery. We are fortunate to have been born in independent India. We are born on Indian land where we have received many rights in exchange for duty. Today we are all moving forward with developed India in the present era.

“Between the stairs One floor is water We are free Our flight is free We Indians have a very long story. “

Friends, this is my message quoting Independence Day, that all of you should set a goal and become a working youth. As it is also said in the Gita : “Karma is predominant.” No one gets the benefit of the opportunity without doing the deeds. Karma is worship… Karma is a boon. Our time is our identity. Therefore, we should not waste it here-there and make good use of time. This is our progress. In the end, I would like to say that you are the pride of the country. Become a thought, able person You are the great identity of great India. “Jai Hind, Jai Bharat independence day speech for students

10 lines on Independence day speech in English

  • Independence Day is a happy moment for the Indian people.
  • It is our duty that we should be proud of our country.
  • We are free today because of the martyred freedom fighters of our country.
  • The British ruled our country for 200 years; we have got freedom from the determination of Indians.
  • Today the head of every citizen of the country is proudly high.
  • On Independence Day, it is nice to have hoisting at every house and government and private offices.
  • Indians should celebrate Independence Day proudly and respectfully.
  • In order to give us freedom, many heroes sacrificed their lives, we should pay a bow to them.
  • We should take a pledge on Independence Day that we will never harm our country and give our full contribution to make developing India a developed nation.
  • We should always remember these lines :
Don’t ask this world what Is the story of Hindu and Muslim This is our identity That we are just Hindustani
best independence day speech


Importance of Independence Day Celebration

Friends, we celebrate Independence Day on a large scale every year in our country. As you are aware that on 15 August 1947, our country was liberated. On this day, we all decorate every government building with tricolor lights. Buildings are decorated with orange, white, and green colors like our national flag. On this day, every officer and office staff, whether private or official, is present in the office to hoist the government flag and sing our national anthem. Small programs are also conducted in all offices.

Independence day speech conclusion :

FAQ’s On Independence Day Speech for Kids, Students, and Teachers

1. When did India become independent ?
15 August 1947
2 . How many years did British rule over India ?
Around 200 years
3. Which party came to power for the first time after attaining independence ?
Indian National Congress (INC)
4. What was the total population of India on 15 August 1947?
32 crores

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