Mecca Medina – Makka Madina Pilgrimage

Hello friends , in today’s article, we will give you information about Mecca Medina. It is considered to be the most sacred site of Muslims. There is a five major column in the religion of Islam, Mecca Medina is also one of them.

Mecca Medina – Makka Madina Pilgrimage

Mecca Medina

Muslim people consider it to be paradise. The history of Mecca Medina has been very interesting. Many people want to know about Mecca Medina, so in this article you will get complete information about Mecca Medina. So let’s know what Mecca Medina is-

What is Mecca?

Mecca is the name of a city. The city is described as the first house of Allah. Muslims come here and pray. People believe that by praying here, the door of paradise opens. Muslims pray in front of Mecca 5 times a day. A cave is located 3 km from Mecca which is considered home to Kaaba. Muslims revolve around the Kaaba.

What is Medina?

Madina is the second sacred site after Mecca. It is considered the city of Muhammad Prophet.

What is the distance between Mecca Medina?

The distance of Mecca Medina is as follows-

  • Air route – 339 km
  • Rail route – 453 km
  • Roadways – 439 km

What is Mecca Medina?

Mecca Medina is located in Saudi Arabia. This place is the most sacred site of Muslim people. It is believed that the one who goes to Mecca Medina gets heaven. Mecca Medina is called the door of heaven. Every Muslim dreams that he must go to Mecca Medina once in his life. Every year many Muslim people visit Mecca Medina. The journey to Mecca Medina is known as Hijrat or Hajj pilgrimage. Millions of people go on Hajj pilgrimage. This place is so prevalent because it is believed that the sacred book of Muslims ‘Quran’ was first read.

People have the belief that the person who takes Hajj pilgrimage has great progress.
This place is also important for Muslims because Prophet Muhammad Saheb was born here. Mecca Medina has also been a major center of trade. Mecca Medina has a cube shaped Kaaba. Those who go to Mecca Medina, they revolve around this Kaaba. Many people have a lot of feelings associated with this Kaaba.

Story of Mecca Medina

The religion of Islam was founded by Prophet Hazrat Mohammad and he is the last prophet of Islam religion.
Hazrat Sahib was born in the city of Mecca in 570 AD. Which is located in Saudi Arabia. Therefore, this place has a lot of significance for the religion of Islam. His father’s name was Abdulla bin Abdul Mutlib.
Historians believe that Hazrat Muhammad moved from Mecca to Medina in 620 AD. “Samvat Hijri” was started at Mecca Medina which is considered to be the holiest place.

He prayed for several days on the Mount of Mecca, Abnur Noor, and when he turned 40, he received a message from Allah – “I have created this whole world, always remember me. I am one, you explain this to the world.” Since then Hazrat Mohammad started spreading Islam religion all over the world. Due to this he had to face many struggles and difficulties.

The holy book of Islam has been written by Hazrat Mohammad Dara, which is famous by the name “Quran”. It is also told by many historians that he had to fight with his disciples to spread Islam in the world. That is why they believe that every person of Islam religion must visit here once.

When is the Mecca Medina pilgrimage done?

Muslims go on a trip to Mecca Medina according to the Islamic calendar to West. People visit this holy place during 10 districts of the Islamic calendar. People believe that this time is very sacred and the journey of this time is successful. This holy date is known as ‘Bakrid’ and ‘Eidul Azha’.

Makka Madina History

The city of Mecca was established thousands of years ago by Hazrat Muhammad.
Mecca Medina is a sacred Kaaba, located in the center of the huge mosque in Mecca. There is a huge mosque in Mecca, a holy city of Muslims called the birthplace of Prophet Muhammad, with a holy Kaaba in the center of it. Its length is 40 feet and width is 33 feet. This Kaaba is more than 14 years old. It is a cube shaped building.

This is a very attractive place. People of Muslim religion come from all corners of the world to this holy pilgrimage site. Coming here, they worship Allah and ask for forgiveness of their sins and pray for the happiness and peace of their home.

makka madina history
This Kaaba is made of granite stones. There is no spark of any kind in it. But there is a door attached here. According to Islamic tradition, it is associated with the time of Abraham.

The city is situated in a barren and narrow valley. The expenses of Mecca, the holiest city of Muslims, are met by receiving it from the lakhs of Hajj pilgrims who come here.
In ancient times Mecca was the center of religion and trade. It is situated in a narrow, sandy and infertile valley, here the rainfall is very less, that is, it is occasional. This sacred Kaaba is made of gold and black stone.

Whoever comes here for the holy Hajjj pilgrimage, he must do 7 rounds of the Kaaba located in the middle of this huge mosque. After that, the pilgrims kiss the corner stones of the Kaaba, which are called ‘Tawaf’. This holy Hajjj pilgrimage is completed only when he completes 7 rounds. The life of such a person becomes successful and pure.

This is a Muslim mosque, the entry of Hindus is prohibited here.
In the eastern corner of this Kaaba, a sacred black stone is also situated at a height of about 5 feet from the ground.

Link of Mecca Medina with Hazrat Muhammad

The founder of Islam is the Hazrat Muhammad. Historians believe that Muhammad was born in the city of Mecca, Saudi Arabia in 570 BC. But later around 620 BC, he left Mecca and went to Medina for some reason.
Mecca has great importance for the people of Muslim religion. People of Muslim religion believe that a person should visit Mecca in his life. Because it is the birthplace of the Prophet.
The journey to Mecca is called ‘Hijrat’ in Arabic language. It is from this holy place that ‘Samvat Hijri’ is believed to have started.

The Holy well of Zam-Zam –

There is a holy well built near the mosque in Mecca, which is called ‘Zam-Zam’. The pilgrims who come here for Hajj pilgrimage take the water of this holy well. Just as the people of Hindu religion consider Gangajal to be holy and keep it auspicious in their house, similarly people of Muslim religion also consider the water of Zam-Zam well holy and consider it auspicious to keep it in their house.

Holy well of Zam Zam

A special thing about the water of the Zam-Zam well is that the water of this holy well has neither run out nor has it ever dried up. People of Jainism believe that drinking the water here brings strength and energy to the body.

Masjid Al Haram –

The world’s largest and most ancient and most famous mosque is ‘Masjid-Hal-Haram’, which is built in Mecca, the holiest religious place of Muslims.

Masjid Al Haram
There are pillars of archaeological importance of 356 thousand 800 square meters around this grand mosque, which were built by Hazrat Ibrahim. Islamic historians believe that Hazrat Muhammad Sahab came from heaven to meet God from near this huge mosque riding on ‘Burak’.

Mecca Medina pilgrimage

Muhammad Prophet has told people to go to Mecca once in life for the attainment of paradise and liberation of sins. A Muslim person westion 5 times a day and offers Namaz. For Western Western it is necessary to worship by facing the Kaaba.

In this pilgrimage, people travel in foot, camels, trucks and ships. The road leading to Mecca is established by a named ‘Jeddah’. Important information is written in Arabic language for Mecca here. This gate is also an international air route and port.

A person going to Mecca Medina has to offer some gifts for darshan. Most people offer money. Special instructions are given to Hajj pilgrims whose Hajj pilgrims follow. Heavy capital is invested to go to Mecca Medina.

Five days of Hajj pilgrimage

Hajj is considered to be an important part of the religion of Islam, hence the special faith of Muslim people is attached to it. It is the dream of every Muslim to go to Mecca Medina once in life and fulfill the Hajj rituals. Out of 5 compulsory things of Hajj, Hajj pilgrimage is also considered an important duty. Hajj pilgrimage is 5 days. This is 5 days as follows –
1. First day of Hajj – On the first day of Hajj pilgrims, where the pilgrims arrive, it is called Meena region. Here they pray for the whole day. Tents are arranged for passengers stay. Passengers here pray for day, afternoon, evening and night. As soon as dawn, passengers leave this place and move forward.

2. Second day of Hajj – On the second day of Hajj, travelers reach the mountain by the afternoon. This mountain is also known as Arafah. This place is located 20 km from Mecca. Passengers at this place listen to the words of Islam. After this, passengers in Al-Nimrah pray in the afternoon and evening. People who do not go to Mecca keep fast on this day. After sunset, the passengers leave Arfah and go to Muzdalifa. Here they pray overnight.

3. Third day of Hajj – On the third day, passengers hit the tallest poles seven stones. These pillars are called Zamrat al Akbah. It is also called stoning the devil. The animal is sacrificed after stoning. After the sacrifice of the animal, Hajj pilgrims shave the hair. Bal Mundwana is a major process.

4. The fourth day of Hajjj – On this day seven stones of three pillars are killed again, which is called stone stone.

5. Fifth day of Hajj – seven stones are killed on the fifth day before reaching Mecca.

Mecca Medina Shivling

Historians believe that where now Mecca Medina is established, the temple of Mahadev Shiva was first established there. There is a lot of controversy in this subject. Some videos have also appeared in which Shivling is shown in Mecca. It is also said that Muslim people revolve around this Shivling.
But this is a rumor. There is no Shivling in Mecca Medina. Hindus cannot go to Mecca Medina and only Islamic customs are adopted in Mecca Medina.

Interesting facts of Mecca Medina

  • Here is the footprint of Prophet Mohammad Saheb, so people come here and revolve around the Kaaba and kiss him. People pray on this Kaaba.
  • This birth site of Prophet Hazrat Muhammad Saheb was founded by Mohammad Prophet about 1400 years ago.
  • It is like a square building when viewed from outside and black color is mounted on top of it.
  • The most important thing of Mecca is that Muslims do their 5 -time prayers in the direction of Kaaba in Mecca.
  • There are 5 mandatory things in Muslim religion. Of these, Hajj pilgrimage is also considered mandatory. So every year, people go here and offer Namaz.
  • People living in Mecca have a population of 20 lakhs. But in the holy time of Hajj, the population here exceeds 60 lakhs.
  • There is a well of Zam-Zam in Mecca. This well is a miraculous well. It is believed that even after drinking water of crores of passengers, the water of this well does not decrease. Calcium and magnesium salt are found inside this water, which are beneficial for health and provide energy to the body.
  • The world’s largest mosque is located in Mecca. Whose name is ‘Masjid Al Haram’. Apart from this, holy mosque like Safa, Marwa, Bath Ullah is also located here.
  • People of other religions cannot go to Mecca Medina because there is no temple here. Bandgi is performed in mosques.
  • Medina is known as Al-Madina and Al-Munawwra. It is the second holy place after Mecca.
  • Muslim people believe that Kaaba is the place from where the earth begins.
  • Muslim people who perform Hajjj consider themselves very lucky.
  • The Muslim people of the whole world have a deep faith attached to Mecca Medina.

How to reach Mecca Medina?

One of the five important duties of every Muslim is to perform Hajjj. That is why Muslims all over the world reach Saudi Arabia for Hajjj. A large number of people from India also go on this journey.
Hajj pilgrims get a chance to perform Hajj in 2 categories –

  1. Green Category
  2. Azizi Category

For Hajj pilgrimage in Green category, Rs.275000 will be spent. Traveling in Ajijiya category will cost Rs.245000.
This amount can be more or less according to different convenience.

The Hajjj pilgrimage is completed in different phases, it starts according to the Islamic calendar. All Hajj pilgrims have to pass through the border called Mekar before reaching Mecca. To enter this range one has to wear a special garment called Ahram.

There is an airport named King Mohammed bin Abdulaziz which is located in Jeddah. It provides services to link several international borders together. It also connects Mecca Medina with other big countries like Dubai, Istanbul, Doha, Kuwait, etc.


Mecca Medina is a very holy place for the Muslim people. Above you are told about the history and interesting facts of Mecca Medina.

You must have come to know that how to perform Hajjj and what is the reason for performing Hajjj. Mecca Medina is famous in general sense due to the birth place of Muhammad Hazrat and the largest mosque in the world remains here. Hajjj pilgrimage is also an essential work among the 5 essential things of Muslim texts, so people go to Mecca and attain salvation.

Mecca and Medina are two cities of immense religious and historical significance for Muslims worldwide. The annual Hajj pilgrimage to Mecca and the visit to Medina hold great importance in the lives of Muslims, fulfilling their spiritual obligations and strengthening their connection to Islam.


Mecca Medina FAQs

1. Where is Mecca Medina located?

Ans – North Saudi Arabia

2. Why is Mecca Medina considered holy?

Ans – It is the birth place of Muhammad Hazrat.

3. When will the Hajj pilgrimage take place in this year 2022?

Ans – July 7 to July 12

4. What is Kaaba?

Ans – It is a cube shaped building where Muslim people come and perform circumambulation and ask for prayers.

5. What color clothes do the pilgrims wear in Hajj pilgrimage?

Ans – white

6. Can people of religion other than Muslim go for Hajj pilgrimage?

Ans – No

7. What is the date of going to Mecca called in Islamic language?

Ans – Bakrid

8. How many days is the Hajjj pilgrimage?

Ans – 5 days

9. What is Zam-Zam?

Ans – It is a holy well located in Mecca where people drink water.

10. Is there a temple of Lord Shiva in Mecca Medina?

Ans – No, it is just a rumour.

11. Which is the largest mosque in the world?

Ans – Masjid Al Haram

12. How many times do Muslim people bow their heads facing the Kaaba in a day?

Ans – 5 times

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