Will Joe biden win in 2024 – US Presidential Election

In today’s article, we will discuss the US Presidential elections to be held in 2024 and will know that Will Joe Biden win in 2024?

Will Joe biden win in 2024?

why biden will win in 2024

A strong economy will be the key to Joe Biden’s victory. There is reason to be concerned based on economic models.

Despite high employment, low inflation, and Americans continuing to spend, forecasters predict that the 2024 presidential election will be a tight race.

A recent poll shows Biden trailing President Donald Trump by 22 points on the economy, which is a cautionary signal to the White House. According to the results, the economy will not be a significant campaign advantage for the Biden campaign.

Likewise, Moody’s Analytics’ Mark Zandi,

who also forecasts a very close contest, sees Biden winning 51 percent of the vote, similar to Yale economist Ray Fair. As a key stumbling block for Biden, they point to rising inflation – which is down considerably from its 2022 peak, but still the highest in over a decade. Biden’s vote may also be affected by a slowdown in growth.

According to Carly Cooperman, CEO of Schoen Cooperman Research and a Democratic pollster,

voters disapprove of Biden’s handling of the economy despite the economy’s improvement since he took office. In the event that it actually worsens, then Biden’s ratings will probably decline.”

Based on Fair’s model, which considers economic growth per capita and inflation, it estimates that the U.S. economy will slow next year, but will not experience a recession — which is certainly not a guarantee when interest rates are at two-decade highs and credit is tightening.

During Biden’s first term, Fair said, “the growth rate will be OK, but not great. Inflation will be high.” This will result in a close election.

According to other economists, this is true. According to Diane Swonk, chief economist at KPMG, wages have only outpaced inflation for six or seven months. We’re still paying too much for goods and services. It’s not enough to cool the inflation.”

Officials from the Biden campaign admit that the 2024 campaign will be difficult. In a call with reporters last week, Quentin Fulks, principal deputy campaign manager, predicted a close election. Voters are anxious about the economy, and our job is to let them know about it.”

The Federal Reserve has aggressively raised interest rates, but growth has remained surprisingly strong, defying many economists’ expectations of a recession. Unemployment remains near half-century lows at below 4 percent, while inflation has slowed to a level that is tolerable.

Biden has been using the economy’s resilience to tout his policies:

“Bidenomics is growing the economy from the middle out, not the top down,” he said earlier this month. Since I took office, 14 million jobs have been created and 150,000 jobs have been created since October. For the first time in more than 50 years, the unemployment rate has been below 4 percent for 21 months in a row.”

Biden’s victory odds in 2024 may have been slightly boosted by these trends, but only slightly. Among the key drivers of consumer sentiment, according to Zandi, are unemployment, inflation, and gas prices.

“The unemployment rate is extremely low … but the fact that we’re paying so much more for everything, food, rent, gasoline, that’s a pretty big headwind,” he said.

Top Factors in Biden’s Favor

Incumbency advantage:

Presidential elections are typically won by incumbents. Due to their well-known status among voters and their already established campaign infrastructure, they are well-positioned to win.

Strong economy:

Biden may be able to win reelection because the US economy is doing well.

Weak Republican opposition:

Biden faces a strong challenge from the Republican Party, which is in disarray right now.

Political Climate:

He has a better chance of success if he is united and optimistic rather than divided and dissatisfied.

Republican Nominee:

Candidate identity plays a crucial role in the election. An extreme candidate could challenge Biden, while a moderate candidate could aid him.

Factors Against Biden

Low approval ratings:

It may be difficult for Biden to win reelection given his low approval ratings.


Some voters may be concerned about Biden’s physical condition and ability to serve a full term when he turns 82 on Election Day 2024.

Uncertain political climate:

We cannot predict what the political climate will be like in two years because it is very uncertain right now.

Biden has a good chance of winning the 2024 presidential election, but it is yet too early to predict for sure. It is likely that this race will be close, however, based on the factors listed above.

How is Joe Biden a viable candidate for 2024?

Economically, things are going well. Inflation is 3%. When Reagan won reelection in 1984, it was lower than it is now. As a result of defeating inflation. Since 1969, unemployment has been at its lowest level. The deficit has been reduced. NATO is back in charge and we are no longer isolationist pussies. In addition…

Alternatively, Trump could overthrow the government next year.

Why will Joe Biden lose or win in 2024?

In December 2023, it’s too close to call, so anyone who says he will win or lose will be bloviating, and you should ignore what they say in the future.

It’s very likely that Biden and Trump will be the nominees at this point, but we aren’t sure yet. How will Trump react if he’s convicted of a felony before voting begins, despite the fact that he’s tried for 50 years to slow down the judicial process? His chances of beating Biden would certainly be reduced if he did that.

If the vote count in swing states is close, Republican voter suppression/vote rigging could prevail.

Apart from Republican shenanigans, world events could negatively affect America, or events within America that no president can control could also have a detrimental effect, either/both of which could be attributed to the Republican disinformation operation, which could also be influenced by covert Chinese and Russian efforts to get Trump re-elected here through their own disinformation campaigns.

It is also possible for both candidates to suffer strokes, heart attacks, etc. due to their age. Furthermore, Trump’s choice of VP candidate, assuming he doesn’t stick with the 99% loyal Mike Pence.

A large minority of voters are attracted to demagoguery/authoritarianism/borderline fascism.

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