Valmiki life introduction – Biography

Friends, in today’s article we are going to read about the introduction of Maharishi Valmiki entire life. Valmiki Jayanti is celebrated all over India. He has given an inspiration by bringing big changes in his life.

Maharishi Valmiki life introduction

As you know, India is a country of sages and sages and great men. Many Mahaviras and mighty people have taken birth on this land of India and made the land of India proud. India is also known as Sone Ki Chidiya and Vishwa Guru etc. This is the reason why India’s education, culture and knowledge have been emulated in India and abroad. Such big and big epics or texts have been written on India-land. There is no literature parallel to these texts.

  • Birth Name: Ratnakara
  • Nickname: Adikavi
Valmiki life introduction
Valmiki life introduction

Biography of Maharishi Valmiki

Maharishi Valmiki is also revered as a well-known Pandit. Those who suddenly get the blessings of Goddess Saraswati of knowledge and Sanskrit verses begin to emerge from their tongue. At the insistence of Brahma Ji, Balmiki ji Maryada Purushottam is inspired to write an epic about the life of Shri Rama. He composed a book called Ramayana with Sanskrit verses. Ramayana is read not only in the country but also abroad.

Ramayana gives education about restrained society and self-restraint, family and society building etc. Rama Charitra Manas is the epic of Shri Rama’s life. Despite being an avatar, Shri Ram never violates his dignity. Despite being full of power, they never misuse their powers.

He obeyed the Guru’s command and each of his words alphabetically.
Despite being full of power, he annihilated the entire monster race with a small army of bears. He pleaded before the sea for three days to cross the sea, whereas, in his cravings, there were those who could dry the whole sea, yet he did not break the limits and kept asking for the way to the sea.

Maharishi Valmiki’s birthday is celebrated on the Sharad Purnima of Ashwin month. The reason for this is

• On the day of Sharad Purnima, the moon consists of sixteen periods.
• On this day, Shri Krishna composed raas together with his sixteen thousand queens.

Life story of Maharishi Valmiki

Maharishi Valmiki is believed to have been born in the house of Maharishi Kashyapa and Aditi’s ninth son Varun and his wife Chadhaishi. Maharishi Bhrigu, brother of Maharishi Valmiki, was also a great knowledgeer. The life story of Maharishi Valmiki has been very well known. According to legend, before becoming Valmiki Maharishi, his name was Ratnakar. Ratnakar used to loot others to follow his family. Once he met Narada Muni. Ratnakar tried to rob them too, so Narada Muni asked them why they do this work? Ratnakar replied that he does this for the upbringing of the family.

Narada Muni told Ratnakar that he would be willing to share the sins of the family for whom he is committing the crime. Confused, Ratnakar tied Narada Muni with a tree nearby and reached his home to find the answer to that question. His family refused to share in his sins. He was disappointed to know this. Hearing this Ratnakar returned, opened Narada Muni and fell at his feet. After that Narada Muni introduced him to the knowledge of truth and advised him to recite Rama-Rama. Ratnakar then took a dhuni rama and he started meditating on the name Ram. In meditation, the termites made their home around the body of Valmiki.

When Valmiki ji’s practice was complete, he came out of the termites’ house. Since the termites house is called Valmiki, they became known as Valmiki. Just before chanting the name of Rama, Ratnakar became Maharishi and later became famous as the great Maharishi Valmiki. Hence Maharishi Valmiki’s birthday is celebrated as Valmiki Jayanti.

Travel from Ratnakar to Valmiki 

Raised in the Bhil species, Ratnakar used to be a soldier in the king’s kingdom. Ratnakar revolted as fellow soldiers did not conduct well with the war prisoners. In this rebellion, his king made direct hostilities and announced to punish Ratnakar, due to which he had to remain hidden in the public.

They had to loot passers-by to make their living.
This was the reason for the name of the word dacoit before his name.
The robber Ratnakar looted people and managed to make a living.
Sometimes he used to kill people. Ratnakar, who was involved in this sinful act, was once in search of a new victim in the forest, then he encountered Munivar Naradji.
Ratnakar captures Narada Muni with the intention of looting.

Then Naradji stopped him and asked only one question, “Why are you doing all this sinful work?” In response to this question Ratnakar said that he is doing all this for his family.
Then Narada Muni said –
“Will your family become your shareholder in paying the fruits of this sinful act?”
Ratnakar said yes without thinking.
Then Narada ji said to Ratnakar that once ask your family members, then I will surrender you all your wealth and jewelery voluntarily and will leave from here. Ratnakar went to each of his kinsmen at the same time and asked him to share his sins. But none of them agreed.
The robber Ratnakar was deeply hurt and shocked.
Due to this incident, his heart changed.

Important Question

Q.1 who wrote ramayana ?

ans: Valmiki

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